This morning finds us sleep deprived, scatter-brained, nervous, and expectant.  Today is the beginning of a new adventure.

I can’t remember the last time I felt such sweet victory.  It worked. We did it. This is really happening.  After twelve months of intense dedication, we can now safely say that we have achieved a long-anticipated dream.

For anyone who might not know, today Brady and I are moving to South Korea.  We have spent the past year jumping through the hoops required of prospective expats: earning ESL teaching certificates, selling/giving/throwing away our possessions, quitting our jobs, selling our cars, giving away our cat, all the while stumbling through an endless maze of government paperwork.  There were so many days where we looked at each other and laughed, saying, “you know, it’ll be crazy if this actually works.”  But it did.  The bags are packed.  The paperwork is complete.   The goodbyes have been said.  The flight will soon be boarding. 


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