Tonight I’m cozying it up in a cheerful coffee shop in Seoul, husband by my side, celebrating the end of a successful first few days in Korea! The week has been non-stop, and we can feel the toll of the extreme transition we’ve endured starting to wear on us.  For the most part, we’ve been pretty good at fighting the desire to lock the door, pull on the sweats, curl into the fetal position, and succumb to hibernation.  It hasn’t been hard to stay active, now that we find ourselves in the middle of one of the world’s most vibrant cities!      

Every morning, we wake up to the distant drone of a stereo outside in the alley by our guest house, blaring some recorded announcement.  It’s the same four or five-word phrase, over and over.  I wish I knew what it was saying, it’s obviously pretty important for them to play it so often.  And at seven in the morning, I also wish I knew how to turn it off!

After this harsh wake-up call, we stumble downstairs to the main floor of the guest house for our complimentary toast.  I always try to make some friendly conversation with fellow guest-house visitors.  However, we have yet to find other foreigners who speak any English.  Even though we’re in the capital city, success at finding English speakers has been a challenge, and has required us to hone our survival Korean language skills. 

We have quickly fallen in love with Seoul, and are becoming familiar with the vibrant neighborhood surrounding us.  Hongdae is a trendy and diverse corner of the city, filled with some of the country’s current leading music, art, food, and fashion.  It would take a lifetime to uncover all the treasures Hongdae has to offer.  I will offer you a peak at just a few:

Street Food

Around 11am every morning, vendors begin to open their shop fronts, turn on the burners, and send a tantalizingly delicious and diverse array of smells wafting across the bustling street.  Street food has always been one of my top favorite experiences of exploring a new culture, and Korea and not disappointed!

A blueberry

A blueberry “Long-ffle” from the Long Waffle stand! According to a local, if a couple can hold a kiss for three minutes solid, they are awarded a free waffle! We held onto our dignity and paid in cash.



Cat and Dog Cafes

Hongdae is home to several adorable animal cafes designed to provide animal therapy to any traveler in need of a snuggle buddy!  At Hello Cat! Cafe, guests are provided with a wide variety of coffee beverages, to pair with their choice of furry friend.  Needless to say, it was easy to while away an entire afternoon in the company of a dozen kittens curled up on your lap!

For the small price of 2000 won, you can purchase packaged meat-like product, and thus the affection of of every feline in the room!

For the small price of 2000 won, you can purchase packaged meat-like product, and thus the affection of of every feline in the room!

Cats have a thing for my husband.

Cats have a thing for my husband.

Napping kitties for days.

Napping kitties for days.

Street Art

We are careful to always keep our eyes peeled for interesting art around the city.  Whether it’s with an interactive 2D mural, a blank canvas outside a coffee shop with pastels at the ready for the passerby’s use, or a staircase in a back alley splattered with a colorful design, Hongdae’s artist community has done its part in keeping the neighborhood beautiful. 

15397_10155252858525343_644985590440071174_n 10383503_10153056030992920_8759463049349533204_n IMG_6586


Ahhhh!!! The fashion here is everything I love!  When my husband kept remarking on how much I would enjoy window shopping in SK, I was a little skeptical.  All my concern floated away the first time I strolled down one of the main streets strewn with open-front clothing boutiques.  My audible squeals of joy and thanksgiving could be heard by all when I found my first Korean second-hand, thick, baggy sweater shop!  As my finger-tips stroked the long rack of gloriously chunky patterned works of art, I knew I was going to be okay in this new home of mine!


Coffee shop is closing, and it’s a ten minute walk through the bustling crowds and crisp night air back to the guest house.  Goodnight from a very happy, sleepy traveler!

Thanks for letting me join your linkup party Mari’s World!


9 thoughts on “Discovering Hongdae

  1. I so enjoy following your travels and reading your blogs Hannah! Prayers and God’s blessings on you and your husband as you begin you’re new journey! Love, Terri


  2. I find it hard to get my head around a place where you struggle to find anyone speaking English, excuse my ignorance but I never thought I’d hear that of Seoul!
    What a fantastic post you have shared with #TimeTraveller thank you so much. I love your photography and there is so much to take in, Cat cafes, waffles awarded for the longest kisses and street art too. How long are you staying there?


  3. Blast I commented and lost it!
    I struggle to believe you can’t find anyone who can speak English, I would never have imagined that of Seoul.
    What an amazing post, thank you so much for linking up to #TimeTraveller this is the perfect post. Cat Cafe’s, waffles awarded for 3 minute kisses and street art too.
    I hope you’ll return with more adventures to surprise me with.
    Have fun out there.


    • Thanks for reading! Yes, I still can’t understand why it was so hard! Obviously, when you find other foreigners it becomes easy to find your way around. But finding locals who could understand our questions was very difficult! We are English teachers living near Daegu, SK, and were just on a week long vaca up in Seoul! Thank you so much for hosting the link party, I really enjoy finding other travel blogs! Can’t wait for the next one!


  4. Hi fellow expat! Although I have to say your destination is a LOT more exciting than mine! 😀 It looks fantastic, and with all that lovely food I would be the size of a house in no time! I have a good friend who writes a blog called Asia Vu, she has just left Seoul for Bristol in the UK, quite a contrast! 😀


    • Hey there!! Yay I’m so excited to connect with a fellow traveller! Well, I have to admit, this post is just from a week vacation I took up in Seoul! I actually live outside of Daegu, South Korea….so not as glamorous as Seoul haha! Hope your friend enjoyed her time here, wow that is quite a change of scene for her! Excited to read all about your adventures!



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